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The same tests can be run as many times as necessary. Our quality assurance company is expert in building test suites using Selenium WebDriver.


Automated testing service increases test coverage, as during manual testing so many tests cannot be performed.


As a result of our automated testing services the same test cycles can be run simultaneously on different machines with various configurations.


There is no human factor; performing thousands of complex tests the software doesn’t get tired or inattentive.


Test automation some areas leaves more time for testing other areas which can’t be automated.

  • Elaboration of the requirements
  • Creating the test strategy and plan
  • Writing the code
  • Verifying the scripts
One shouldn’t also forget about maintenance of the tests. Automated tests should be easily maintained. If their maintenance is time and labor consuming, the tests may turn to be lossmaking.
Automated tests are software products. So, one must refer to the process of automating tests as to any other software development process.
It is recommended to automate only the tests that will run many times in course of the project; if tests are to be performed only once, it is unprofitable to automate them.
We conduct end-to-end performance & load testing to ensure application performance at peak load for validating the quality and operational capabilities.

Our skilled team of engineers comprehensively investigate your software application to keep them responsive and stable. At Vsign, we exhibit hands-on expertise in developing performance tests, highlighting our tailored testing strategy for global clients.
You can gauge our abilities by looking at our high-end knowledge of the newest technology stacks and tools, as well as the incorporation of performance engineering in the CI/CD pipeline to pinpoint early performance issues.

Technology Driven Performance Testing Solutions
Cloud-Based Performance Testing:

Quick setup of a cloud-based test lab to implement a load generation strategy that allows the simulation of different users from multiple geographical locations.

Performance Engineering Approach with DevOps:

Follow shift-left approach for recognizing areas of concern in both SDLC & PTLC together with performance dashboard creation for implementing correct tools & techniques.

Performance Testing as a Service (TaaS):

Deploy a TaaS model that replicates a real-world environment by framing virtual users to perform load testing and stress testing under a limited budget.

UX-based Performance Testing:

Comprehensive UX-based performance testing that covers real-time monitoring of behavior patterns designing of load distribution from the end-user’s perspective covering multiple loads.

Application Performance Excellence Managed by Our Experts
Load Testing:

We examine system behaviour at various loads to detect bottlenecks and precisely determine the factors responsible for them.

Performance Engineering:

In addition to proactive end-to-end monitoring and testing of applications, we ensure seamless collaboration among teams, processes, and tools.

Stress Testing:

Our engineers assess your software application’s robustness under extreme load to recognize potential outrages and avoid system damage.

Regression Testing:

We perform thorough regression testing to ensure that no performance changes within the software due to recent upgrades impair the application's performance.

Scalability Testing:

We gauge a software application's capacity and identify performance issues once an additional load is applied to better analyze the product's responsiveness.

Verify quality of mobile apps on real modern mobile platforms, utilizing real network operators.
Frankly speaking, our testers are not good in art criticism, archeology and mechanics; they have little knowledge in law, pedagogics and psychology.
But we are cream of the crop in mobile software testing; our clients from different parts of the world can prove it.

We provide a team of test engineers with mobile applications testing skills and experience the most relevant to your project.


Our testing experts in mobile application testing service verify mobile applications not only in the lab, but under real life conditions as well.


Our test engineers are familiar with peculiarities of mobile technology, common weaknesses of modern mobile software products.


Our specialists in mobile app testing services are advanced users of all popular modern mobile operating systems.


Our testers work out a custom testing strategy for every mobile project basing on best practices of mobile testing and special features of the project.


There are over 200 mobile devices in our laboratory. We perform mobile application testing on real devices unlike many software testing institutions.

A lot of organizations do not have a dedicated test department and they lack in hiring specialists to form their specified testing team.
We have been providing outsourced QA testing services to such companies and business organizations for years now. We understand that your clientele depends on what your software or application promises to deliver to them, and at Vsign we take customer satisfaction very seriously. To keep up with the faster pace of technology and business, our QA outsourcing services focuses in reducing the time and cost it would normally take to get your software tested.
Quality assurance outsourcing can visibly improve your software’s quality through application of various techniques and automated tools and optimize it for better user
interface for amazing experience. Outsourcing QA is simply transferring your company’s existing tests to an independent and remote team of testing specialists who will be responsible for optimally running these test procedures to increase your software quality and testing performance.
Key features:
  • Risk analysis and mitigation plan.
Your code must perform as designed by your engineering team and as intended by your marketing team. Functional testing looks at what software is supposed to do and makes sure it actually does that because unexpected or problematic behavior of the software has real business implications. Vsign’s functional testing services aim to prevent that outcome by verifying your products’ features work as intended.
We Know Functionality Is Your Bottom Line

Vsign’s functional testing services focus on testing your software against defined specifications and meeting end-user expectations for functionality. We integrate seamlessly with your existing team to test the product early in the software development life cycle to prevent and detect defects early so you can reduce your testing costs, rework expenses, and improve software quality.
Vsign’s functional testing approach supports different development methodologies. This is evident in how we align with your team whether you are using waterfall, agile, DevOps, or some combination. We utilize proven industry standard testing techniques, tools, and methodologies to ensure thorough functional testing.

Each of your app, website or product features serves a purpose, and Vsign makes sure they all work in concert for you with functionality testing that:

  • Maps your product or site specification to a test plan with cases to exercise each function it describes.
  • Tests your system as it will be used by your customers.
  • Verifies feature interaction to ensure operation of one function doesn’t affect others, unless intended.
  • Exercises inputs and use parameters across their full expected ranges.
  • Uses erroneous parameter values to verify graceful recovery of incorrect feature use.
The Quality of Your Software Is Our Priority

Ensuring your product works exactly the way you designed and developed it is what Quality Logic excels at. You can trust the quality of your services and products to the experts Vsign because we’ve been in the testing trenches for more than 30 years. We worked through the evolution of computing from mini-computers and mainframes to the personal devices we now wear. Along the way, we have tested and developed the tools to verify peripheral and application operation, and many of these tools have become test standards. We take care of quality with functionality testing so you can take care of business.

We Offer Functional Testing Services and More

Let’s work together to ensure your product meets (and exceeds expected quality standards) and dominates your market. Testing is what we’ve devoted all our resources to for the past 30 years. This includes functional testing, non-functional testing, test automation services and more. And, we’re at the peak of our game. We’re the industry leader. Make sure and check out our case-studies to learn what kind of impact our work can have on your business.
Let us use our knowledge and cutting-edge skills to propel your product quality forward.

Visualize, track, and analyze query metrics and explain plans from your entire database fleet. Vsign Database Monitoring allows you to view query metrics and explain plans from all of your databases in a single place. With Database Monitoring, you can quickly pinpoint costly and slow queries and drill into precise execution details to address bottlenecks. Additionally, query and host metric correlation makes it easy to identify and understand the impact of resource constraints on database performance.

Monitor your databases with query metrics
  • Identify problematic queries with valuable metrics such as average latency, total execution time, and number of rows queried.
  • Leverage historical query performance data to track long-term trends.
  • Get granular insight into query activity with automatically sampled queries.
Analyze explain plans to optimize query performance
  • Dive into explain plans to identify inefficient query patterns that hinder performance.
  • Visualize differences between multiple explain plans for individual queries in order to identify hotspots.
  • Seamlessly pivot from explain plans to related metrics to understand how inefficiencies impact performance.
Correlate query metrics with database and infrastructure metrics
  • View query metrics alongside system performance metrics from your Postgres, MySQL and SQL Server databases.
  • Monitor query-level and host-level metrics together to better understand how resource constraints affect database performance.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integration with the rest of the Datadog platform, including dashboards, monitors, SLO tracking, and advanced formulas and functions.
Extract valuable insights without compromising database security
  • Expand your team’s access to query metrics without providing explicit database access to every user.
  • Keep sensitive data secure with automatic obfuscation of PII in explain plans and query metrics.
  • Scale DBM usage with your needs and manage a large number of databases securely.

Change is all around us. Development technologies and an approach to software development and management are rapidly changing. IT specialists all over the world are actively searching for new ways to make the software development process faster and more efficient. Currently, implementation of DevOps practices is what you need to set up a well-managed IT infrastructure, automate important workflows, and provide super-fast delivery of new features, updates, and fixes while being completely confident in the top-notch quality of a software product.

By outsourcing DevOps services, startups and well-established businesses can rapidly implement lightning-fast product delivery and efficient management.

Vsign has rich experience in rendering DevOps consulting services. Our highly-skilled DevOps consultants know everything about the best DevOps practices and leverage advanced DevOps tools to design, implement, and efficiently manage IT infrastructure along with continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, etc. Moreover, we clearly understand that every project is unique therefore, our professional DevOps team always establishes a software delivery process that perfectly meets your organizational requirements.

If you have growing concerns about the below mentioned things, then do not hesitate to engage our DevOps consultants:

  • Not adjusted to each other configurations of development, testing, and production environments.
  • An extremely time-incentive manual process of implementing new IT infrastructure.
  • Too slow infrastructure modification, bug fixing, and software update delivery.
  • Time-consuming and inefficient QA process due to insufficient test automation.
  • Poor management and poor collaboration between your development team, your QA team, system operators, and other specialists that lead to slow product delivery and low product quality.

Why implement DevOps practices
Quick deployment:

Quick and frequent delivery of updates and new features, which is the key goal of DevOps, not only pleases customers and keeps them engaged but also helps a business to have a great competitive advantage.

Efficient work environment:

DevOps services can help you to set up a stable, well-structured, and fine-tuned work environment improving the overall productivity of the team and product management.

Significant product quality improvement

DevOps consulting services help to automate and frequently repeat critical processes which, in turn, minimizes the risk of the human factor. The implementation of continuous testing and monitoring of the code also considerably contributes to the overall build quality.

Significant time- and cost-efficiency

The principles of the core DevOps practices suggest automation of the vast majority of tasks. This helps to gain higher productivity while engaging fewer resources and spending less time. Consequently, you can significantly reduce the team size and cut down expenses.

Faster problem solving

DevOps practices provide flexibility enabling the team quickly and easily settle any arising software development issues.

Continuous monitoring

DevOps engineers implement continuous monitoring to keep a close eye on the developed product and IT infrastructure to uncover blind spots and quickly settle all potential issues.

Our DevOps services
Continuous Integration and Delivery - Deploy your software as soon as it is ready:

Continuous integration and delivery is a usual practice for those who follow the Agile methodology. The purpose of continuous integration is to integrate all parts of software development, building, and testing in one automated pipeline. Once all stages of integration are successfully completed, your tested software is immediately deployed to a specific environment. By outsourcing DevOps services from Vsign you will be able to take your software development to new levels of productivity, as our experts will set up a sturdy CI/CD pipeline using the leading tools.

Infrastructure as Code - Forget about manual configuration and enforce consistency:

Infrastructure as code is an important component of continuous delivery that suggests the management and provision of infrastructure by means of code. DevOps engineers create configuration files that define and deploy virtual machines, networks, load balancers, and other components of your infrastructure. As a result, you can forget about the hassle of manual infrastructure configuration, be confident that the same environment is provided every time, and save a lot of time as you write code for your environment only once, and then hundreds of instances can be redeployed with a single click. It is worth noting that version control is crucial for IaC, and created configuration files should be under source control. Our DevOps consultants have worked on a wide range of projects, and they can assist you to shift from the traditional approach to infrastructure as a code. Rest assured that we can make your infrastructure management maximum painless.

Container Management - Improve your resource efficiency:

Apply for our DevOps consultancy services to adopt containerization which is a modern approach to software architecture. It entails placing together a software code along with all essential components like libs, frameworks, and other dependencies into an isolated space called a ‘container’. Code within a such container can be moved and run consistently in any environment and on any infrastructure. Container management helps to get better software scalability and stability, quickly and easily make changes, and optimize costs.

Blue-Green Deployment - Reduce the risk of downtime during new deployments:

The main idea of blue-green deployment is to reduce the risk of downtime in case a deployment fails. According to this deployment strategy, two separate but identical environments are created. One of them, the blue one, is used for the current software version and another one, which is green, is used for the new application version.

Once testing of a new software version is completed on the green environment, live traffic is directed to the green environment while the blue one gets deprecated. If something unexpected happens in the green environment, then traffic can be easily switched back to the blue one to roll back changes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? DevOps outsourcing from Vsign can help you take advantage of blue-green deployment and other helpful DevOps practices.

Process Automation - Automate repeated processes to immensely accelerate software development:

Repeated activities should always be considered for automation. Infrastructure management, software testing, and deployment are no exceptions as well. It makes no sense to perform the same actions several times a day. With DevOps automation, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort and reduce the human factor during infrastructure setup and software testing or deployment.

Continuous Monitoring - Detect issues on the fly and measure everything that matters:

Advanced monitoring tools can help you to identify potential problems in your software and infrastructure, track important metrics, detect performance issues and security flaws, and respond to them quickly. Continuous monitoring is a great way to have everything under control and mitigate possible risks in a timely manner.

DevSecOps - Ensure rock-solid security:

DevSecOps implies security integration into corporate culture, infrastructure, automation, and platform design in order to establish a shared security responsibility throughout the whole software development lifecycle. If you would like to be sure that every deployed build is in line with the highest security standards, our Dev Ops consulting services are just what you need.

Continuous Testing - Do not give bugs even the slightest chance to sneak into production:

Quality is the way to success. Our DevOps and QA specialists can assist you to establish a robust automated testing process and integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline. With continuous testing, you can be sure that your software is tested early, frequently, and throughout the whole development process.

DevOps Consulting - Take full advantage of our rich expertise in DevOps:

As a trusted provider of top-notch DevOps consulting services, we can advise you on the most relevant DevOps practices for you, draw up a plan and strategy for DevOps practices implementation, audit your current IT infrastructure, and come up with the best solutions for any DevOps-related challenge. Our DevOps consultation is what you really need to gain success.

DevOps Outsourcing Workflow at Vsign

We set up a kickoff meeting to discuss your DevOps needs, goals, and expectations.

Client infrastructure analysis

Our DevOps experts carefully analyze your current workflows, IT infrastructure, and resources as well as identify challenges, constraints, and capabilities.

Design of deployment and infrastructure plans

We create a roadmap for optimizing processes, integrating solid security mechanisms, building fully automated infrastructure, and tracking key metrics.

DevOps Plan Implementation

Now we move to the active phase. The DevOps team works on setting up IT infrastructure and versioning environment, introducing automation, and implementing DevOps practices. Beyond that, our experts also upskill and instruct the rest of your project team on the DevOps peculiarities and used tools.

Infrastructure Testing

As soon as the environment is set up and automation is implemented, we get down to testing all the flows to ensure that everything works as expected. If certain gaps are detected, we quickly find suitable technology solutions.


Vsign offers continuous technical support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Our experts will mentor your DevOps practitioners, provide DevOps consultation, and regularly update your infrastructure optimization plan to let you have continuously improved operations.

Why Choose Vsign For DevOps Consulting Services?
Access to highly skilled and seasoned DevOps engineers

By hiring our DevOps specialists you engage brilliant professionals who empower their rich expertise to let you gain fantastic results in software development.

Affordable DevOps consulting services

Vsign offers DevOps services of exceptional quality at affordable prices. The thing is that we are located in Eastern Europe which gives you an opportunity to outsource DevOps services at lower rates compared to those in the US, Canada, or Western Europe.

Focus on the project requirements

We design DevOps strategy on the ground of your project requirements and available resources. Consequently, you receive a tailor-made solution meeting your needs and capabilities.

Hands-on experience with the leading DevOps tools

Our DevOps engineers use a great variety of the most diverse DevOps tools. As a result, they can find the most suitable technology solution for your project.

Keeping up with modern DevOps trends and the best DevOps practices

Our DevOps team has in-depth knowledge and rich expertise. However, it never stops gaining new insights and skills.

Transparent and efficient communication

From the outsets, we strive to establish efficient communication in order to keep all parties on the same page and quickly share important information and knowledge.

Discover our services

Since 2015 we have helped companies of all sizes to achieve their full potential on the Salesforce platform.
Explore our services below to find the one that fits your needs the best.
Not sure what you are looking for? Our consultants will be happy to help you.

Salesforce Implementation
We know that every company has their own specific processes in place. Our aim is to find the best combination of your process within the Salesforce logic.
Our method starts with analysing your business needs and processes with the goal of implementing a solution that fits your company seamlessly.

What is Salesforce implementation?

Salesforce implementation is the process of setting up the SFDC platform for your company while taking into account the business processes, requirements, and goals.
During an initial workshop, we will deep dive into your current workflows and discover your objectives. We will suggest modifications that will optimize your processes without compromising your values.
After the implementation process, we will be there to train and support your employees. We make sure to maximize user adoption and minimize any bugs and issues.

The 6 step Salesforce implementation checklist:
1. WorkShop

Our process starts with analyzing your business needs and processes with the goal of implementing a solution that fits your company seamlessly.
The key is to find out what kind of configurations, customizations, integrations and migration are needed (if needed at all!).
During this phase, we define the goal, the detailed work plan, and the timeline of the project.

2. Configuration and customization

Configuration is when the default capabilities of Salesforce are modified. This only involves point and click features.
An example would be adding new fields, creating workflows, codeless automatisation, creating additional reports, adapting the user interface, changing page layouts, etc.
Customisation refers to further development of the Salesforce platform with the help of Apex code to meet your requirements and business goals.

3. Integrations

To ensure transparency and seamless data flow, integrations with third-party systems like eCommerce platforms, call centers (CTIs), ERPs, or payment applications might be needed.
Depending on your needs, integrations can be done through SOAP API and for more complex cases through Apex Web Services or Apex Callouts.

4. Data migration

No need to worry about losing your data - we will seamlessly migrate all your data to the Salesforce platform while minimizing downtime and negative impact on your business.
To make sure everything goes smoothly also in the future, we make sure to coach the Salesforce Admin on how to use tools for data migration such as Dataloader.

5. Training

Training is essential in order to ensure full adoption of the new CRM tool. We offer different types of training packages depending on your needs and group size.

6. Support and follow up

Once your brand new Salesforce is up and running, we don’t just leave you on your own.
Our experts will be there to help and support you with any questions and needs.

Salesforce Development
The Salesforce platform offers endless opportunities for custom development. These can range from simple page layouts to full-scale applications.
Based on your needs we can provide you with custom object development, apps, plug-ins for your Salesforce org, custom integrations with third-party applications and interfaces.
No matter if it’s in sales, customer service or marketing- with the right app or development you can benefit from unlimited freedom and optimal user experience through customized tools and functions.

Custom Object Development

The Salesforce object is a simple, yet powerful feature that stores information within the platform. If customized, Salesforce objects have the potential to give an organization a completely new set of functionalities. It allows you to store information that’s specific to the company or industry.

Custom Integrations

We tailor the strategy to meet your integration needs. For straightforward data exchange between your application and Salesforce we use data integration options like SOAP API.
For more complex cases, we opt for business logic integration options like Apex Web Services or Apex Callouts.

Salesforce Managed Services

Simply leave your Salesforce management to us while you concentrate on managing your business. Our services come in packages or you can pay as you go for the hours that you actually use.

Our experienced team can offer:
Salesforce Administration

We will act as the bridge between your business and the technology allowing you to use Salesforce without thinking about the technicals.
We maintain your platform, take care of bugs and keep everything updated. Leave your Salesforce admin to us so you can use the system issue-free.

Salesforce support and case resolution

Our support experts will be at your disposal for resolving Salesforce related cases, bugs and fixes. You can determine personal response and
resolution times that suit your business best.
Have you submitted a case through the Salesforce support portal but the solution requires technical expertise? Our experts can also handle the communication with the Salesforce support team and manage your support cases for you.

Should I opt for outsourced Salesforce services or hire an inhouse team?

This is a question that comes across most frequently with our customers. The answer depends on your profile such as your Salesforce project, your budget and your company size.
We have compiled the pros and cons of outsourced vs. in-house Salesforce services to help you to decide between the two.

Salesforce Training
Cloudideas offers online and on-site Salesforce training, seminars and classes for users, administrators and developers. We will assist you in realizing the benefits of Salesforce and maximise user adoption within your company.
We offer a number of options: from individual coaching to mentoring mid-size groups.

The users of your Salesforce instance are the ones who will make the magic happen.

Without a proper use of a CRM system, there is not much value to it. We make sure that your employes are se e Salesforce platform on a daily basis.
To make the classes practical and relevant for the user, we always place and emphasis on using content that is oriented to your individual Salesforce solution and processes.

We offer different types of training:
  • For new Salesforce customers.
  • For implementation of new features.
  • For new for Salesforce Updates.
  • For additional business unit expansion.
  • For new employees.

The Salesforce user training can take place either online or at your offices. The length of the workshop will be determined by the topics that need to be covered.

For many years we have used the coach the coach method.

We provide Salesforce coaching to sales, marketing, customer service as well as internal project managers. Our aim is to create internal Power Users. In the future these power users will teach their team to use the platform efficiently.

We offer different coaching levels: from beginners to experienced Salesforce Administrators.

We emphasize best practices for the configuration of your Salesforce platform. With this know-how you will be able to simplify your daily tasks within Salesforce and enjoy a more productive experience.

What are the 5 main benefits of Salesforce training?

Once your employees will learn how to use Salesforce, the overall team productivity will increase.

Performance tracking

When data will be logged correctly to the CRM, it will give you an insight into how you are performing as a company.

Alignment between all teams

Salesforce can act as the single source of truth for all the data concerning the customer - from sales to customer support.

Data Security and privacy

You could save all the customer and sensitive data in one place, run compliance programs, reports and also delete data easily .

Employee Satisfaction

Your employees are going to avoid wasting time on difficult tools. This will make their work easier and more efficient.

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