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Retail Software Solutions
  • With our custom retail software development services, retail businesses can simplify customer journeys and engage shoppers in new ways, through innovative technologies.
How VSIGN Can Help Your Retail Business
Boost satisfaction and conversion :
  • Personalised shopping experiences drive engagement, increase sales and, ultimately, keep customers coming back. Our expertise in business intelligence and Big Data will help you analyse your customer journey – in real time – and make decisions that lead to better conversion and lower costs.
Adopt flexible pricing models :
  • We’ll help you understand customer behaviour and demand with customised dynamic pricing models that lower your operating costs and lift revenue by over 20%.
Elevate your bricks and mortar :
  • Physical stores can now digitally compete with online. We’ll help you augment your in-store services with custom retail software solutions, including VR/AR applications; self-service; streamlined payment processing; secure digital coupons; beacons and targeted offers – so your stores attract, engage and convert customers.
Use AI to manage demand :
  • We’ll employ Data Science and predictive analytics to equip you with a powerful tool to predict and adapt to peak demand. This will allow you to manage risk, streamline order management, improve delivery efficiency and maximise profit.
Automate your inventory :
  • Our retail software development service helps you map future inventory investments on expected sales volumes, for better cost efficiency. Data Science powers our automated inventory, so you can reduce operational costs and buy smarter.
Unify your supply chain :
  • Retail management is complex and often geographically diverse. We use blockchain technology to help our retail clients manage their supply chain and its cycles – transparently, reliably and securely. So you can track issues and prevent incidents, across your locations.

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